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Dating Should Feel Natural: Don’t Force It in Order to Be Meaningful.

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Make Changes In Your Lives And Attitudes With Planetary Longitude And Latitude - Astrological Method To elect times to maximize the chances of success of any undertaking

In the Universe the apparent motion of the stars is primarily due to the Earth spinning once per day on its north-south axis.The ACTUAL motions are the ones we would observe if we could step of the Earth, zoom out and look at the Earth - Moon - Sun system from afar. The stars are fixed (at least on the time scale of the Earth's 24 hour daily spin).

Astrology - 9000 Piece Puzzle
The difference in duration of the solar and the sidereal day is due to the motion of the Earth (the spaceship from which we observe the sky) in its orbit around the Sun. As you know, the Earth takes 1 year (about 365 days) to orbit the Sun. First, let's think about the APPARENT motion of the Sun due to the ACTUAL motion of the Earth over the course of a year.

The ecliptic is tilted with respect to the celestial equator. This is due to the fact that the Earth's axis is tilted 23.5° with respect to the plane of its orbit. From the perspective of a stationary Earth, it would appear that the ecliptic is ti…