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Wondering how to attract Money Abundance Health, Wealth and Success into your Life?

Money  makes the world go around. Meaning that the more of it we have, the more we can do in many situations. Some of us are more driven by money than others, but the bottom line is that we all need it on some level. 

What does that have to do with astrology? 

Astrology is the ancient art that has been a guiding tool for scientists, philosophers and writers throughout history and its complex yet intriguing foundations have influenced millions of people. And while it is fascinating to understand one’s Sun sign or Rising sign, when you delve deep enough into astrology you can see how you can shape your own life based on the planetary movements in conjunction with your own personal chart.

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Crystals are just one way that you can allow yourself to profit. Crystals can help accomplish many things, as there are crystals for luck, success, health and other things. Below you’ll find the top eight crystals to attractt Money Abundance Health, Wealth and Success into your Life.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of the stones that attracts money. It has a reputation for bringing opportunity. It’s known as ‘the gambler’s stone’ because it helps increase luck when it comes to financial gain. The best way to use this crystal to bring you abundance is to keep it in the dish where you toss your loose change at the end of the night. It will help that jar to grow full! Give it time and let its influence take hold of your daily habits. Before you know it, you’ll be finding more ways to save the money you bring home.

You might also want to put it where your important papers and documents are kept. Wear it when you have meetings with your financial adviser or important business meetings. Do you have a meeting where you need to ask people to invest in your small business? Bring this stone along in your pocket or put it around your neck, as these are situations where it can’t hurt to have a bit of mystical power on your side regardless of circumstances.


Citrine is a deep golden form of quartz. It’s known as one of the crystals leading to an abundance of money, and it’s sometimes referred to as ‘the merchant’s stone’ in astrology circles because it tends to bring prosperity to shopkeepers and other salespeople. My aunt had a shop, and she used to keep a small Citrine point in her cash register. She believed that it helped to draw money in and keep it there. You can almost certainly find a logical place for your Citrine to attract the money you need into your life.

Citrine is not just one of the best crystals for money, though. Any kind of tangible wealth and abundance corresponds with the beautiful colours of citrine. It also resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, the area of your own energy where powerful transformation occurs. Use Citrine for as many things as you can and see what rewards it can bring!

Iron Pyrite

Iron Pyrite is known as “fool’s gold,” but not on the way that many think it is. It may not seem logical to see the word “fool” in the nickname of a crystal and think it’s positive. How can this stone, which alludes to deceit, be one of the best crystals to attract money? One of the magical properties of this stone is that it helps the bearer not to be fooled by things and people that are disingenuous.

Iron Pyrite protects you from scams and helps you recognize scammers. When you’re not conned out of money, you get to keep more of it for yourself. You can bring this to a meeting where you are entering into contracts that may impact your finances, or during meetings where you are making important decisions.


Like citrine, Jade is known as one of the crystals for attracting luck and success, not necessarily just money. It was valued in ancient China for these reasons, plus its beautiful colour. Jade is another stone that you can drop in your loose change dish or keep with your financial papers for an added boost of positive energy. Wherever you think you need a boost in your life, drop some Jade and know you’re in good hands.

This stone works with your Heart chakra, to help you keep your desire for wealth in balance with your own emotional desires. It will balance your ambition with your compassion and promote an understanding of those in your life.


Quartz is not only one of the best crystals for money, but it can be quite helpful for nearly any purpose in life. Whatever you want to happen, incorporate some quartz, and you’ll be giving yourself a boost of positive energy. Get a piece of clear quartz—one that has a single termination. If you find one that has golden rutiles in it (these stones are sometimes called ‘Venus hair stones’ because the rutiles look like golden hair trapped in the crystal), then that’s even better.

You should place it on top of a piece of paper money folded up and put in a safe place. Keeping this with the rest of your important papers will do nicely. You might even want to place the folded bill and the stone in a dish where the sun’s light can bathe them with positive energy.

Many astrology and crystal references won’t list Sodalite as one of the best crystals to attract money, but we like it for a different purpose. Sodalite is cleansing, and it will help to rid you of what stands in your way of abundance and fulfillment. It’s called ‘the poet’s stone, and it will cut through any deceit to find the truth.

The stone is also an ally for excellent communication, and it’s a Throat chakra stone. Being able to voice your needs and then look for the true path to finding them is one of the most effective paths to prosperity. This can help you at work and with the people, you need to help you climb the career ladder. Carry it with you to help you see what’s happening clearly, and you’ll move in a more direct path towards your goals.


Inject positivity and happiness in your life with some Sunstone, as it’s full of the colours of sunlight. Our feelings and attitudes play a big role in our results in life, and that’s certainly the case with regard to our finances. Don’t confuse it with goldstone, though, which is composed of oxidized copper. Sunstone is all-natural and is a great stone for injecting positive energy into your wealth. It aligns with your Sacral chakra and helps you to rid yourself of the fears that you won’t have enough.

The fear of poverty or inferiority, the feeling of lacking, that you never have enough, will harm your efforts towards true abundance in your life. If you don’t banish them it can hurt you, and that makes Sunstone a very powerful ally with keeping these thoughts at bay. Sunstone may not directly influence the flow of money and abundance, however, if it does affect our mindset - which is just as important.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye comes in numerous colours. While they’re all abundance stones to one degree or another, it’s the golden tiger’s eye that has the strongest influence. It grounds your energy, enhances your luck, and assures you that you can handle whatever life throws at you. Tiger’s eye doesn’t tend to be regarded as a crystal for money, but it helps you set the foundation of self-reliance that makes all the difference.

This stone helps you realize that you don’t necessarily need to lean on someone else in order to draw the wealth that you seek into your life. Tiger’s eye is a fantastic stone on which to meditate when you’re alone, especially if you’re working with the Law of Attraction.

The bottom line when it comes to finding and using the best crystals to attract money is that the more you read and research, the more examples of different stones you will be told to use. That’s because this isn’t an exact science, but rather a system of beliefs based on track records, history and the ability to see the world in an insightful way. Not to mention, every person is different and every set of circumstances is different. What may be the best crystals for an abundance of money for you may not be the same as someone else.

Almost any stone will enhance your luck if you believe it will. While it makes sense to choose one of the stones above so that you’ve got the energies of the mineral kingdom working for you, this is not a complete list, nor is it one that is carved in stone This list is merely a guide. Do what you feel works for you, and keep doing that, as there’s no reason to change course. If you’re struggling, look for new ways to bring about the happiness you deserve. Click on the link below.

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Dating Should Feel Natural: Don’t Force It in Order to Be Meaningful.

Nothing about dating should feel forced in order to be meaningful. Chemistry between two people who are interested in one another is a beautiful thing. It’s easy to feel like the relationship should move at a predetermined pace. But in reality, it depends on the situation. What matters is that two people are comfortable with how things are moving along.

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Illumination Fundamental Art (Ifá) Blog: Religion Based on Artificial Intelligence Godhead ...

Illumination Fundamental Art (Ifá) Blog: Religion Based on Artificial Intelligence Godhead ...: In September 2015, Anthony Lewandowski, founded a religious organization, a church if you will, called Way of the Future. It’s purpose to s...

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Make Changes In Your Lives And Attitudes With Planetary Longitude And Latitude - Astrological Method To elect times to maximize the chances of success of any undertaking

In the Universe the apparent motion of the stars is primarily due to the Earth spinning once per day on its north-south axis.The ACTUAL motions are the ones we would observe if we could step of the Earth, zoom out and look at the Earth - Moon - Sun system from afar. The stars are fixed (at least on the time scale of the Earth's 24 hour daily spin).

                                     Astrology - 9000 Piece Puzzle

The difference in duration of the solar and the sidereal day is due to the motion of the Earth (the spaceship from which we observe the sky) in its orbit around the Sun. As you know, the Earth takes 1 year (about 365 days) to orbit the Sun. First, let's think about the APPARENT motion of the Sun due to the ACTUAL motion of the Earth over the course of a year.

The ecliptic is tilted with respect to the celestial equator. This is due to the fact that the Earth's axis is tilted 23.5° with respect to the plane of its orbit. From the perspective of a stationary Earth, it would appear that the ecliptic is tilted 23.5° with respect to the projection of the Earth's equator.

The elevation of the Sun varies at different times of the year in Boulder. Polaris is always 40° above the northern horizon in Boulder (same as Boulder's latitude). The celestial equator is also always fixed at 50° above the southern horizon. During the course of the year, the Sun will move 23.5° to the north of and to the south of the celestial equator. It will be furthest north during the summer solstice; it will be furthest south during the winter solstice.

The star Polaris is located very close to the North Celestial Pole. As a result, as the Earth rotates about its axis in its diurnal cycle, all the stars appear to rotate about us in the sky except for Polaris which stays fixed in its position near the North Celestial Pole. This fact gives us the ability to figure out our latitude on the Earth by looking for Polaris: To measure latitude on the Earth, measure the angle between Polaris and the horizon.

Thus if you were to stand at the North Pole, the North Celestial Pole would appear directly overhead to you, and Polaris would be overhead as well. The angle between what's directly overhead and the horizon is a right angle, or 90°. Thus your latitude is 90° North.
If you were at the equator, Polaris would appear to be on the horizon towards the north. Their is thus no difference between its position and the horizon, that is, its angle is 0°. Thus we are at a latitude of 0°.

Longitude, an east-west measurement is a little harder. For latitude, we had the equator and the North and South Poles as reference points. We can talk about being some number of degrees north or south of the equator. For locations east or west, there isn't any obvious natural reference position.
As a result, we have invented a 0 degree longitude position. This is defined to be a line running north-south through Greenwich, England, which is near London. All geographic locales on the globe have longitudinal positions relative to Greenwich. Boulder happens to be 105° West.

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